Here's a starting job on a freelords army set. A very cartoon-style, made on The Gimp, published on GPL.
They're based on Jame's work and we'll try to make all the things right (anims, etc).

Western Empire Army Set

16M colors image

At this time they've got a 4 moving color for team's colors. It's in a 16M color mode! based on the 256 color mode I'd done before, so in fact there's not so much colors.

Western Empire

Hero recruitment

And here's the 200x200 256 color male hero recruitment :
the same for the woman:

Test for sprite composition

here's a 16M color for the basSo first THE MASK in gif first, cause I know the palette is OK and in png after. The light colors are not very used, I should try to use them more
calque 16 in Gif
calque 16 in PNG
Here is the palette used, they're in 16x1, it's a zoom.
And here some composition palettes
palette16 blue
palette16 red
palette16 white
palette16 black

Here's something for 3 XP levels and a medal of honnor, in a 40x40 image, a mask to put on armies, in a 256 mode.
the same in gif: